Tech Comm

Course+Class: The best and fastest way to get your training

Announcement: The primary delivery for Tech Comm Tools training is now Course+Class. This method combines the immediate access of a self-paced online course with the personal attention you get in a live class. Put another way, it combines the in-depth topics in my online courses with the high-touch experience of my virtual instructor-led training, which…

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Producing Pixel-Perfect PDF

FrameMaker gives you access to two separate PDF creation workflows. Both workflows support online or print-oriented delivery, and easily manage structured or unstructured content. And both workflows are fully customizable, allowing you to easily produce PDF output on the fly.

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STC Technical Summit

Will you be in Washington, D.C. for the 2017 STC Technical Communication Summit? I’ll be doing a number of events while I’m there, and would love to see you in person. Here’s an overview: Adobe Tech Comm Tools Certificate Workshop  Free event, no conference registration required, and free lunch for participants. Sunday May 7, 2017…

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