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Here are #techcomm products on Amazon that I’ve purchased and recommend. I use this list to reorder as needed, but they are also Amazon Affiliate links.Using them or clicking the banner above supports Tech Comm Tools without affecting what you pay on Amazon. Networking/Hardware Batteries and cables Not seeing what you need? You can still…

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free consult with Matt at Tech Comm Tools

Free consulting time with me up for grabs

Yep, you read it correctly. I’m running the free consulting offer that I ran in October, 2015 (Has it really been over a year since then?!) It was so popular last time that I’m going to offer more time slots, at 30 minutes each. Like last year, I want to use this time to help you…

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Big Discounts on Social Media Success Summit 2014

I attend somewhere around 10 conferences a year, but only one of those conferences, Social Media Success Summit, is both inexpensive, and 100% online. Not only that, but registration comes with access to all the recordings so you can go back to review your favorite sessions, or attend sessions you missed during the live presentation. Even…

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LavaCon 2014 Discount and Registration Bonus

Sept 8, 2014 UPDATE: We want as many folks as possible registered for LavaCon before the $800 LavaCon rate increase after September 13th, so here’s a $100 offer my community: Register with discount code TC2LS005 for $100 off your registration fee! If you’ve already registered, or can’t attend this year, do your friends a favor and pass…

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