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Sept 8, 2014 UPDATE: We want as many folks as possible registered for LavaCon before the $800 LavaCon rate increase after September 13th, so here’s a $100 offer my community: Register with discount code TC2LS005 for $100 off your registration fee!

If you’ve already registered, or can’t attend this year, do your friends a favor and pass this information along to them! The code will still be good for the increased rate after mid September, but obviously is more valuable before the increase!

LavaCon 2014 Discount Code TC2LS005

In case you need prodding to register for LavaCon 2014, here it is: Save $100 dollars on registration by using promo code TC2LS005 at checkout!

Need more prodding? Register using this direct link, LavaCon Registration, for the same great price, use the same code, and get a free hour of services or consult with me.

So let’s recap:

  1. Register this week (on or before Sept. 13th) to save $800
  2. Register using the code TC2LS to get an extra $100 off tuition
  3. Register using this direct LavaCon Registration link to get a one-hour bonus consult or hour of services with me
  4. No such thing as a free lunch? Not true on Oct 11th, if you register for the free LavaCon 2014 Adobe Day (well, half-day) event. I’ll be moderating the panel discussion, which precedes the great lunch provided to Adobe Day attendees!

LavaCon is one of the best conferences to attend if you are serious about technical communications. Packed with great speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking, it’s a terrific place to learn about the latest and greatest news within our industry. It also offers an amazing chance to learn new skills and make connections with peers that can be very beneficial in the future.

Speaker Interviews

Want to see and hear from the speakers themselves? See my LavaCon 2014 Speaker Interviews.

LavaCon conference description

The next LavaCon Conference is taking place in Portland, Oregon on October 13-15, 2014. It will primarily be about content strategy and the user experience. With more than 90 different workshops or lectures to choose from, everyone will leave with a much better grasp of the best way to apply new techniques that aid in lowering costs while increasing profits. Instead of just reading or hearing someone talk about implementing such strategies, you get to actually talk to people who are doing it themselves with measured success.

An Advantage for You!

With so many practicing professionals and industry experts present, I am happy to say I am among one of the speakers at the upcoming LavaCon Conference. More than ever, I am interested in connecting further with my Tech Comm community and giving you any advantages I can. Therefore, I am offering a bonus for registering for the conference through me! All you have to do is use the link provided to register for LavaCon and I will make time to give you a free hour of consulting or services with me, before, during, or after the conference. Here’s a video with more info.

Register with this link to get your best price AND your free consult:
LavaCon Registration with Free Consult offer

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