Session notes from Oct 3 online office hours

Thanks to everyone in my Oct 3, 2019 free office hours session.

We had a great lineup of questions from the Tech Comm Tools community, and here’s a recap of what we covered along with a link to the recording:

  • 00:30 Discussion of the (lack of) Object Properties link in the View menu. See my post for a link to vote on my Adobe feature request to fix this UI error.
  • 06:30 Demonstration of how I manage page breaks with Master Page overrides.
  • 07:30 Discussion of Ctrl+click to select text frame.
  • 09:30 Using Ctrl+scroll wheel to zoom in/out on my document
  • 12:00 Discussion of merits of master page adjustments vs. inserting page breaks
  • 15:00 Discussion of (dis)advantages of multiple heading styles (e.g. Heading1, Heading1 Top of Page) vs. inserting Page Breaks
  • 20:00 Discussion of altering structured doc EDD to adjust hyphenation.
  • 23:10 Page breaks related to anchored frames in a structured document.
  • 24:00 Demo of EDD modifications for Widow/Orphan and Hyphenation settings.
  • 30:30 Discussion of EDD vs. Paragraph Catalog for formatting text.
  • 34:45 Assessing the real internal cost of formatting and post-processing.
  • 36:45 Managing cross-references across books, and effect on PDF output.

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  1. Jane Hall on October 9, 2019 at 8:30 am

    Wanted to share a resolution we had worked out with the last topic Managing cross-references across books, and effect on PDF output. Our deliverable requirement was to have hyperlinks between volumes but each volume was a stand alone file (book). We had to set up hierarchical books and then we used a plug-in from evermap to split the pdf into individual files and maitain the hyperlinks between files. It was up to the customer to ensure two things, the folder name did not change and the file names did not change. The last time I assisted with this was FrameMaker 2017 but I can only assume this would work with any other version of FrameMaker that supports hierarchical books.

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