Help me fix an incorrect menu label in Fm 2019

A student in my free Intro to FrameMaker 2019 course noticed that the View > Toolbars > Object Properties menu item brings up an interesting toolbar, rather than the Object Properties pod.

Here’s a snap of the toolbar that displays using Fm

Even more interesting, the toolbar that comes up has a button (circled in red above) which purports to bring up the elusive Object Properties pod. (shown below)

Unfortunately, this button actually brings up the Object Style Designer!

As a side-note, there’s no actual menu item in the View menu to bring up the Object Properties pod. However, here are three other easy ways to bring up this pod:

  • the Graphics > Object Properties menu item
  • the Window > Pods > Object Properties item
  • right-click on the object for which you’d like to view properties and select Object Properties from the resulting context menu

Here’s how you can help

Visit to vote for the Adobe tracker item I created to get this fixed. Trust me, it only takes a few votes to get this issue some additional attention.

Click on this image to launch the Adobe Tracker and vote for this fix in the lower right corner

Fortunately, since these are fairly easy things to fix, I expect I’ll be rewriting this post soon, when the next FrameMaker 2019 update comes out.

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  1. Marinda Kolev on October 9, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Hi, I have a different problem with the Object Properties. When inserting an image into Framemaker 2015, one could set the dpi on the Imported Graphics Scaling window. In Framemaker 2019 the Imported Graphics Scaling window settings do not work. It does not matter what you select, the image imports with a very small scale and one has to make the changes on the Object Properties window.
    I have spoken to an Adobe help assistant but gave up when he wanted to remote desktop after I told him it happens with any image, across all our projects.

    • Matt Sullivan on October 11, 2019 at 2:08 pm

      Hi Marinda, it’s hard to say exactly, but it sounds like your graphic is on a large background and is being shrunk down to fit entirely to the column. You can still use the previous File > Import > File to get the previous UI. Let me know if this helps.

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