Dude, what’s my interaction say?!

File this under ‘Nice Surprise’



I’m quite stoked right now (so pardon the multiple instances of surfer/SoCal lingo; it’s a geographical necessity), because I just found that Adobe Captivate 6 and Adobe Presenter 8 let you create xml snippets for interaction data, and import them into the interactions themselves.

Since I’m in the middle of an elearning project that will make extensive use of these objects, and since they’re a bit tough to edit and update by hand, this means I can create xml files for the data, update (or have SME’s update) the data offline, and then reimport the corrections to the interaction.

Since things like glossary items might have dozens of entries updated, added, and deleted, the ability to do this with a text editor (like Notepad++) will save me great amounts of time and effort.

Thanks to the Captivate and Presenter engineering teams for including this unexpected feature!

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