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FrameMaker 15.0.7 released

With my work on the 2020 Intro to FrameMaker course, the 2020 New Feature videos, and my own books and courses, I haven’t spent much time lately on FrameMaker 2019, but today I noted an interesting thing: When using the FrameMaker connector to Adobe Experience Manager, my Fm 15.0.6 was locking up. Sure enough, when…

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Dude, what’s my interaction say?!

File this under ‘Nice Surprise’   I’m quite stoked right now (so pardon the multiple instances of surfer/SoCal lingo; it’s a geographical necessity), because I just found that Adobe Captivate 6 and Adobe Presenter 8 let you create xml snippets for interaction data, and import them into the interactions themselves. Since I’m in the middle…

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