What I use: Wireless remote control power outlets

remote control electrical outlets

5 pack wireless remote electrical outlets

Recently I had a hot water recirculating pump installed at our house. Great pump, but I opted for one without the scheduling and remote controls included with the unit because they doubled the cost of the pump. Instead I found these nifty wireless remote control outlets from Etekcity on Amazon Etekcity® 5 Pack Wireless Remote Control Outlet They’re inexpensive, and work like a charm. I have them set up on the water recirculation pump, on our super automatic espresso machine (it has a 2-minute warmup) and (thanks to Darin McClure’s Google+ post) soon will put one on our cable box and TV. The bottom line: For ~$5 each I save

  • time (waiting for the coffee machine to warm up)
  • water (about 4 gallons per shower, less for dishwasher and wash machine)
  • money (Cable boxes alone are an estimated $8/month for 24/7 usage. If I shut down via remote at night, then reboot in the afternoon, I might save as much as $4/month) See the LA Times article here: http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-power-hog-20140617-story.html#page=1

Once I find a use for all 5 outlets, I am also going to get at least one more remote control, which is available here: Etekcity® 5-Channel  Additional/Replacement Remote Control

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