What’s your biggest blog post stumbling block?

For me, it’s the hassle of logging in to my blog, creating the new post, and then working through the web interface itself. Images take time to upload (interrupting the creative flow) and I get bogged down in the HTML for links and formatting.

But the worst is when I inevitably navigate away from the page before saving. It might be a browser crash, internet connection problem, or just fat fingers, but there’s always a percentage of my effort that’s lost and needs to be recreated.

Enter the blogging client

So there are a number of software titles categorized as desktop blogging clients. These desktop apps let you create any number of rough drafts without an internet connection and then upload content (images and all) to your blog platform (for me it’s WordPress) for finishing touches and posting.

The official WordPress list of weblog clients


But the biggest surprise…

While doing research on the MindFlash LMS the other day, I discovered that there was a Blog Post option when creating a new MS Word 2013 document. So I took a look, and it turns out that the setup needed to connect MS Word to my blog account was even easier than my previous (and free) favorite, Windows Live Writer.

So if you want to feed that inner need to write more, grab MS Word, connect it to your blog, and start writing!

And the biggest caveat…

It seems to me that this method is best strictly for draft work. For example, since WordPress is quite kind to your work, allowing for minimal markup, Word is more strict. As an example, when editing an existing post from my site, Word will combine multiple paragraphs if no <p></p> tags are found. Since those tags are not mandatory in a WordPress post, the cleanup in Word may outweigh the advantages of using an offline editor.

Let me know if you’ve run into any issues with posting via Word, or if you need any help figuring out the connection with WordPress.

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