What I Use: Skype Call Recorder

Screenshot 2014-09-17 17.03.44Need to record Skype audio or video calls on a Mac? Skype Call Recorder from eCamm Network is the easiest way to get it done.

PC Users: Check out Pamela for Skype.

I haven’t personally used Pamela for Skype, but it seems to be the darling among Skype users on PC.

Simple to use

Once installed, the Call Recorder window shows up automatically whenever you use Skype.  To configure the layout, resolution, and other options for the recording, go to Skype > Preferences > Recording. 

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Example of eCamm Call Recorder video

Here are examples of  video recordings I’ve done recently:

Example 1: Interview with Kit Brown-Hoekstra and Terena Bell.

I chose to showcase this recording because we used Terena’s Skype Premium account to facilitate a 3-way call.

After recording, I split the audio into 2 tracks: My local track, and the track with “everything else.” I then dropped the tracks into ScreenFlow to add the bumpers and the text annotations. Total time: about 1.5 to 2 hours editing.

Example 2: Interview with Jack Molisani, LavaCon

My interview with Jack Molisani was my very first Call Recorder interview, so it’s helpful to see that it didn’t take a ton of practice to get a usable result.

Notes on Call Recorder

Make sure you see all camera feeds when recording. Opening the Skype Preferences before or during recording can knock out a feed. The audio seems to hold, but if you don’t see any of the video images, don’t expect them to be in the recording!

The latest version supports higher resolutions. The Skype feed calculates whether you are “HD Worthy,” so choose a 16:9 format if you’d like to capture a high-def picture without sidebars.

Interested in using Call Recorder?

As with most of the What I Use posts, I have an affiliate relationship with Call Recorder’s developer, eCamm. I think it’s a great product, with great support. For more information on the product, or to download a free trial, visit the official eCamm Skype Call Recorder site.

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