Updated FrameMaker training syllabus

I had a chance last month to update my FrameMaker – Creating (Unstructured) Content syllabus for the live online class version. I’ve included the main points here, and you can see the longer, up-to-date version on the syllabus page itself.

This is the current syllabus for the 2-day live online class, running about every 5-6 weeks, and using my FrameMaker – Working with Content reference book (included with class registration).

Understanding FrameMaker

  • Introduction to FrameMaker and interface
  • Word processing Part 1
  • Understanding FrameMaker templates and workflow

Using tables and graphics

  • Tables
  • Graphics and Anchored Frames
  • Object Styles

Cross-referencing content

  • Internal Cross-References
  • External Cross-References
  • Updating Cross-References

Improving your efficiency

  • Word Processing Part 2
  • Setting master pages
  • Numbering styles

Content Reuse

  • User Variables 
  • Text insets
  • Conditional text
  • Equations
  • Footnotes

Create long documents

  • Books
  • Managing automated tables of contents
  • Creating sophisticated indexes
  • Index markers


  • Crafting rich PDF output
  • Producing HTML5 for mobile and desktop

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