Updated FrameMaker 12 Structured Developer Guides

The Adobe TCS team has released 2 updated reference guides for structured workflows:

Developing Structured Applications with Adobe FrameMaker 12

Structure_Dev_Guide.pdf is available at bit.ly/fm12structdev

This is detailed (436 page) overview of structured application development and setup. It explains the working parts of an application, and how to create them. This guide includes EDD information and details about XSLT.

Adobe FrameMaker 12 Structured Application Developer Reference

Structure_Dev_Reference.pdf is available at bit.ly/fm12structappdevref

This invaluable guide is for anyone who needs to specify details for XML (or SGML) handling. As its name suggests, it is a reference guide, and reads more like a cookbook than a quick start guide. Need a specific option, but unsure how to implement it? You should be able to find it in this 260 page reference guide.

The bottom line

Thanks to the team at Adobe for updating these important reference books. They include support for FrameMaker 11 and FrameMaker 12 features like Object Styles, 3D, and MathML, as well as enhanced support for table cell formatting, child and sibling options, and conditional text.



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