Thanks to everyone at the 9/19 free session!

I had a great session with everyone in Thursday’s 9am Pacific office hours session. We didn’t have any RoboHelp users in today’s session, so the majority of topics were FrameMaker.

Here’s a quick list of what we discussed.

  • Managing titles in autogenerated FrameMaker files (we used a List of Figures, or LOT in our example)
  • A discussion of FrameMaker master pages and management of template items in general
  • A review of RoboHelp versions, highlighting problems if you try (with an earlier version) to edit projects that were edited with a later release
  • Discussion of paragraph style management options in FrameMaker, with an eye toward template management
  • Strategies for FrameMaker cross-references, and ways to pull in only parts of a heading in the xref
  • Discussion of FrameMaker generated lists of acronym or glossary items

As you can see, we got fairly detailed in our topics. Next week I expect to be talking about considerations for choosing and implementing a structured content model. If you’re considering moving to a structured workflow, you won’t want to miss this session.

Can’t wait til next week’s session? You can always use the Contact link above to book something on short notice.

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