Free upgrade from TCS 5 to TCS 5.1

[Edited on July 11, 2014]

Adobe released Technical Communication Suite 5.1 on July 9, 2014.

The new version appears to be the same components, but updates Captivate to version 8, and Presenter to version 10. Per the Adobe announcement:

Customers worldwide, who have purchased Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 (including Adobe Captivate 7 and Adobe Presenter 9) between 14 January 2014 and 8 July 2014, are entitled to a complimentary upgrade to the new Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5 (including Adobe Captivate 8 and Adobe Presenter 10).

How to get TCS 5.1

Instructions and links for downloading full install and downloading new components is here:

One note:

As of 9 July 2014, the full installer does not include Presenter 10. However, the download of the full installer should include the Presenter 10 installer after you decompress the .7z file.



And then in the destination folder specified:


Let me know if you have any issues with the download or installation…

If you have TCS 5 installed, or already have the install disk for same, I recommend downloading the components (Cp8 and Pn10) individually. Your TCS 5 serial number will work to activate them.

Enjoy the upgrades!!



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