Separate Content from Formatting and Change Your World

I’ll be speaking at the Technical Documentation Roundup on May 22nd, 2019. This conference, put together by Scott Abel and his team at The Content Wrangler, features dozens of great speakers and I’m honored to be included.

Here’s the rest of the description for my session…I hope to see you there!

Separate Content from Formatting and Change Your World

May 22nd, 1:20PM

Need to optimize localization expenses, accessibility, SEO/search, or just want to drive down the cost of creating and editing content? The most direct way to do this is to define your formatting *outside* of the files containing your content.

Join Matt Sullivan for a review of three case studies, including his own FrameMaker reference and workbooks to find out how, in each case, he was able to drive down the time to maintain formatting to nearly zero using template-based design.

Attendees will learn:

  • why efficiency is the new black
  • why structured content isn’t always the most effective solution
  • why creative formatting solutions are (nearly) always a bad idea

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