Using for short demos

(I used QuickTime Player to record this clip using my Thunderbolt display and external USB mic)

Ever wanted to do a quick video or computer demonstration, but were too scared to try?

Odds are you haven’t seen what Articulate makes available at All you need is an internet connection, some sort of microphone attached to your computer, and a video camera (if you want to create a “vlog”)

Here’s a sample of screener running on a virtual Win7 machine under Internet Explorer:

Interestingly, with the Fusion setup, I had to ensure the USB mic was in use, so here’s the same 30 seconds using a better mic:

Finally, and a bit surprisingly, here is the 30 second clip recorded using Safari on the native Mac Mountain Lion OS.

I admit I was a bit surprised when the preview of the Safari audio recording came in at a distant 3rd place, but I suppose the screenr setup is optimized for the PC. In any case, the posted video didn’t have those issues, so for now I’m crossing my fingers.

Either way, if the Mac side has any issues, or if I need to go beyond the 5 minutes that allows for free, I’ll probably just revert to the QuickTime Player and manually upload the recording to YouTube or another public media server.

I’m interested to see any of you are seeing the same results, or if you can give me insight into why the Mac setup seems to yield unacceptable results.



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