Upcoming RoboHelp Live Class

I’ll be running a two-day live online class in second week of July.
Class dates are flexible right now.
They can be either Wednesday and Friday or Wednesday and Thursday,
depending on attendee preference.

Because I’m running this session for an important client, this will be a very small class. I only have around 6 slots available, so please reach out to me soon to reserve a spot if you’re interested.

The RoboHelp Class syllabus and registration are at 

This is a chance to quickly get up to speed on the latest RoboHelp 2019 features and interface with two full days of class (6 hours of class each day).

The class will be fully interactive, with conference call and 2-way screensharing., interactive lecture, and lessons.

Interested? Please let me know so I can plan accordingly for books.

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