RoboHelp 2020 Update 6 now available

Adobe has released RoboHelp 15.0.6, also known as RoboHelp 2020 Update 6.

You can use Help > Check for Updates to install this latest build.

Here is a list of what has been added and fixed:

Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6 contains Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a new Knowledge Base output preset, option to add separate headers and footers in a Word output, a new script to convert hyperlinks into cross-references, option for static header and footer in a Frameless output, a Glossary hotspot tool, search enhancements, CSS list editor enhancements, and bug fixes.

For more information, see What’s new in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6.


  • If you insert a large image in a topic and do not nodify the size via Settings, the image resizes in a Word output to fit the page. (Bug ID: 9333)
  • RoboHelp includes a file in a project, which is is open in FrameMaker, but not linked. (Bug ID: 9316)
  • All table styles from a FrameMaker book are listed. (Bug ID: 9790)
  • Place the cursor automatically in Embed HTML text area. (Bug ID: 9784)
  • Simplify multi-level list or autonumber editing. (Bug ID: 9511)
  • Restart numbering not working properly for autonumber. The subsequent numbering does not increment. (Bug ID: 9466) 
  • Creating consecutive lists with different classes get merged. (Bug ID: 9235) 
  • Find and Replace settings are not preserved across sessions. (Bug ID: 9190) 
  • Applying p class from the Styles panel does not remove the existing class. (Bug ID: 9368) 
  • Selecting a paragraph using double click and then deleting using backspace changes the style of the preceding paragraph. (Bug ID: 8002) 
  • Manipulating text/hyperlinks while using Find (Ctrl + F) throws an application error. (Bug ID: 9464) 
  • Duplicate name pattern for TOC should be “–copy” instead of “Copy of “ (Bug ID: 8500) 
  • The cursor is not automatically placed in the Embed HTML text area. (Bug ID: 9784) 
  • Source & Alternate text are not appearing for the images in a table. (Bug ID: 9771) 
  • Unable to hover over image file to see the file path in the insert image dialog. (Bug ID: 9770) 
  • RoboHelp has an unexpected error when editing many topics. (Bug ID: 9633) 
  • Support for updating and creating topics for a chapter of FrameMaker book like in classic is missing. (Bug ID: 9565) 
  • Image names are changed when FrameMaker files are converted to HTML. (Bug ID: 9508) 
  • Mapping h1 in FrameMaker document to h1 tag in HTML maps to heading1 class. (Bug ID: 9503) 
  • Cross-References from FrameMaker resulting in incorrect Hyperlinks. (Bug ID: 9483) 
  • Context-Sensitive Help settings not being correctly imported from FrameMaker. (Bug ID: 9577) 
  • For FrameMaker import, styles from only one document in a book are listed in the settings dialog. (Bug ID: 9790)


  • If you insert a large image in the topic and specify any height or width, then it does not shrink to fit in the Word output. (Bug ID: 9333)
  • ePub defaults to .mobi file extension in the output preset. (Bug ID: 9561) 
  • Any index term with a cross-reference to another term does not display in the output. (Bug ID: 9501)
  • The root pseudo-class in the CSS does not work in the Frameless output. (Bug ID: 9448) 
  • Restart numbering for an autonumber paragraph doesn’t show correctly in Firefox. (Bug ID: 9624) 
  • Bookmarks in any nested topic do not work as expected in the Charcoal Gray skin. (Bug ID: 9622) 
  • The frameless output includes a folder with the entire project in it when the favicon path is not correct. (Bug ID: 9568)


  • Searching phrases in a large merged help system is much slower than RoboHelp 2017. (Bug ID: 9344) 
  • Phrase search inside baggage file is not working in Frameless and Responsive output. (Bug ID: 9328) 
  • Search results take a longer time to display in Frameless output for large projects. (Bug ID: 8822)


  • When creating a Git connection profile, the SSH error messages appear even when – ssh-agent is valid and running. (Bug ID: 9621) 
  • During classic project upgrade, the space at the end of the conditional text gets removed. (Bug ID: 9604) 
  • An upgraded RoboHelp classic project does not retain connections to source FrameMaker documents. (Bug ID: 9121) 
  • An online review cuts off the right side of the page. (Bug ID: 8928) 
  • The SharePoint server directory path is only visible in check-in dialog UI. It must be shown in project settings as well. (Bug ID: 9487) 
  • SFTP publishing does not work due to RoboHelp automatically adding “https://” in front of the server’s address. (Bug ID: 9731)
  • Syncing from Project to Source does not always sync as expected. (Bug ID: 9659)

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