RoboHelp 2019 Update 5 now available

Adobe released RoboHelp 2019 Update 5 today. Use the Help > Updates menu item in RoboHelp 2019 to update, or visit to download the updater manually. (Manual download not yet posted as of Feb 7, 2019, 1:40 pm PST)

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Feature enhancements

Select and work with multiple files

A most-requested feature in RoboHelp Classic is now a part of RoboHelp 2019. You can select multiple files in the Contents and Table Of Contents panels and move files and folders in the hierarchy, delete, set properties, and use drag-and-drop.

Publish to SharePoint Online and other publishing enhancements

You can now easily publish Responsive HTML5 and WebHelp output to SharePoint Online in the native ASPX format. You can use relevant publish options from all output presets. You can easily view the result in a browser for RoboHelp Server and SharePoint Online. 

Work with an enhanced topic list

The topic list header row is now fixed and visible while scrolling through the list. You can resize all columns in the list. The topic list view is live now so changes in the project are automatically reflected in the topic list, without having to refresh the list manually. You can clear all filters and also view new columns for Master Page and See Also. You can launch Topic List from the Reports panel or from the View menu. It is removed from the Author toolbar.

Work with enhanced style sheets

You can now create borders with rounded corners and use the radius capability in border styles.

For list styles, you can define the styling of the prefix (such as rounded borders) and the contents of a list separately. You can also set a different style for each level in a list.

Use an enhanced spell checker

The spell checker is now available through the F7 key and the Edit > Spell Check menu option. You can see indicators of misspelled words and implement, ignore, or add suggestions to dictionary.

Associate project files with external applications

You can associate external applications with a file type for opening and editing. From RoboHelp, you can double-click a file or click Edit to open it in an associated application. 

Use enhancements in Word import

You can now import multi-level lists and use enhanced list numbering formats. Table import is improved to import width and border styles without issues. Inline styles are a part of the HTML file in style attribute.

Work with enhanced fields

You can now use additional formats available for Date, Time, Title, and other fields. Values of fields are visible according to your project language. You can edit and add new fields, and choose to automatically update its values.

PDF enhancements

Header and footer definitions from master page now get converted to page header/footer in PDF. Support for the page number variable is added. In PDF preset Layout tab, the master page user interface is improved. The broken links issue that caused PDF generation failures is fixed; RoboHelp generates a PDF and displays a warning in the log.

Report enhancements

RoboHelp now remembers changes in filters and column selection for all reports projectwise. You can clear all filters at once by clicking on reset filters. You can also use two new report types, Map ID and See Also.

Table Of Contents editor enhancements

The drag-and-drop experience in Table of Contents is improved, drop-over-an-item to overwrite is removed. In the Table of Contents properties, an indicator displays if the title is overridden.Table Of Contents and Merged Project placeholder properties are corrected, irrelevant options are removed. Edit option is added to the drill-down view.

Import HTML files

You can now import existing files in the project along with all associated assets.

Other enhancements

You can now press F2 to rename a topic or a folder from the Contents Panel and other areas. You can now duplicate a skin in the Skins panel.

Fixed Issues

  1. Topics with .html extension in RoboHelp Classic projects do not upgrade properly.
    (Ref – 3732)
  2. Some formats of field variables from RoboHelp Classic projects are not upgraded properly.
    (Ref – 3699)
  3. The project title is not updated in the Application title bar if you change from Project Settings. 
    (Ref – 3726)
  4. I cannot add root folder if the Contents panel does not have an empty space.
    (Ref – 3719)
  5. Sync menu options for linked documents are shown for non-linked files also.
    (Ref – 3752)
  6. The last tab becomes blank when other tabs are closed.
    (Ref – 36913628)
  7. Cannot check in a modified file to SharePoint.
    (Ref – 3127)
  8. If you select multiple files from Topic List and try to bulk update the style sheet file using the Properties dialog box, the relative path of the CSS file is not resolved correctly.
    (Ref – 3725)
  9. I cannot switch back to Author view even after correcting the error in Source view.
    (Ref – 3751)
  10. Context-sensitive help map number specified in hexadecimal format is not upgrading properly. 
    (Ref – 3757)
  11. Drag-and-drop of Table Of Contents is erratic, all folders expand too fast. 
    (Ref – 3692)
  12. Cannot type before the variable if it is the first item in the topic. 
    (Ref – 3720)
  13. Find text box does not work properly in Source view when you type fast. 
    (Ref – 3766)
  14. End of paragraph marker is not there for list items. 
    (Ref – 3706)
  15. Tool tips for glossary term, conditions text, and hyperlinks are not there in the Author view.
    (Ref – 3690)
  16. Inserting Title field in the topic does not work. 
    (Ref – 3683)
  17. Deleting text from the selected row deletes the row instead. Selecting all the rows and pressing Delete deletes the table itself. 
    (Ref – 3594)
  18. Context-sensitive help not working for generated CHM file. 
    (Ref – 3756)
  19. Azure Blue – the ‘Open by Default’ option under sidebars is not working. 
    (Ref – 3615)
  20. When Publishing a RoboHelp project, imported CSS is not copied to the output. 
    (Ref – 3093)
  21. Not all files are added to SharePoint. 
    (Ref – 2639)

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