RoboHelp 2019 Update 4 now available

Adobe released RoboHelp 2019 Update 4 today. Use the Help > Updates menu item in RoboHelp 2019 to update, or visit to download the updater manually.

Following is a list of the feature enhancements and fixes.

Feature Enhancements

Import and link FrameMaker files

You can now import and link FrameMaker files (.fm.mif, and .book) in Robohelp. You can map styles from FrameMaker documents using a custom CSS file during import. You can save and reuse import settings.

Note: FrameMaker 2019 Update 2 or later must be installed for linking into RoboHelp.

Publish to RoboHelp Server

You can now publish WebHelp and Responsive HTML5 outputs to Robohelp Server 10. You can also easily manage information about multiple servers across projects.

Publish output to FTP server, Secure FTP server, or File System

You can now publish WebHelp and Responsive HTML5 outputs on any FTP or Secure FTP server. You can also publish to a local or a shared folder. Easily manage and share all publishlocations across projects.

Generate XML output

You can now use the new output preset for XML to generate topics in the XHTML5 format and all other files in the XML format. 

Work with See Also and Related Topics

You can now work with new and modern See Also and Related Topics in RoboHelp.

You can manage See Also keywords, associated topics, and which topics to use them in, in a single location. You can control the styling of See Also using CSS classes. You can access See Also in author view from the Author toolbar. You can add See Also keywords to topics from topic properties.

You can use Related Topics in a similar way, but the information is limited to a topic only.

During a project upgrade from RoboHelp Classic, RoboHelp migrates the controls for See Also and Related Topics to the new structure.

Use an enhanced topic list

You can now access topic lists in author view from the Author toolbar. You can filter topic information as required, create duplicate topics, and more in the topic list. You can also drag-and-drop from the Table of Contents panel to the topic list. The Properties panel shows the number of topics present in the Topic list; you can use this information while filtering specific topics. RoboHelp remembers all filtering and column selections across sessions.

You can now fix broken links in open topics through a dialog box that displays the list of broken links and their locations. You can point broken links to other topics or create a topic. You can also fix broken links from the Broken Links report using context menu options.

Work with enhanced Team Foundation Server

You can now easily check in all files, as all files are selected by default, and optionally enter check-in comments. Internal files are not visible during check-in.

Work with an enhanced Word import feature

You need not select a topic name pattern now as <$paratext> is the default topic name pattern. “User-defined HTML tag” is merged in the paragraph style mapping list, which also has an option to map to “pre”. List import now supports auto-number and complex multi-level lists.

Use an improved Mini TOC styling

Topic TOC is renamed as Mini TOC to maintain consistency with Adobe products. You can use a new option to collapse the Mini TOC from the General tab of the Properties panel. You can control all aspects of Mini TOC styling in a new project by copying new classes from default.css.

Work with an enhanced table style editor

You can now use a revamped table editor that provides complete control over all aspects of styling. Use  new options to: apply formatting to an entire table, clear formatting, and apply styling to rows and columns.

Easily remove character styles

You can now simply select text and clear formatting of any text within that selection. After selecting text, you can use an option to remove formatting in the General tab of the Properties panel.

Experience improved variable and field deletion

You can now press Backspace or use a context menu option to delete a variable or a field. If a variable is used in a topic, snippet, or master page, a warning dialog box appears with three options–delete a variable and its references; delete a variable only; and delete a variable and replace it with content.

Import an existing map (.h) file in your project

You can now import a .h file in your project through the Import option in the Map Files panel. 

Define dynamic filters without a group

You can now choose to create dynamic filters without or without a group. You can define dynamic filters without tag groups and drag-and-drop condition tags without associating those to tag groups. You can also change previously defined filters to remove tag groups or add to tag groups.

Use the new toolbar in output preset editor

If an output preset is open for editing, you can now use the new toolbar at the top to generate preset, view output, and publish.

Fixed Issues

  1. A style is not applied to a selection of multiple paragraphs in one go.
    (Ref – 3417)
  2. Complete filenames are not visible when inserting images or links. Size is not remembered if the insert dialog is resized.
    (Ref – 3300
  3. Unexpected behavior in style sheets and properties panels when decimal values are used.
    (Ref – 3198
  4. A table style with an undefined class name is getting created.
    (Ref – 3424
  5. Styles tab in the Topic Properties panel does not remember the last selected state.
    (Ref – 3410
  6. For the elements that have the ID attribute, green text is visible while authoring.
    (Ref – 3401)
  7. In the new topic creation dialog box, the default topic title text is not removed automatically when trying to type new text.  
    (Ref – 3302)
  8. An inserted snippet does not open for editing on double-click.
    (Ref – 2068
  9. Adding a book without a link to the TOC creates an application error.
    (Ref – 3392)
  10. In the browse sequence editor, undo and redo do not work using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keys.
    (Ref – 3336)
  11. In the Word Import Settings dialog box, the Character and Paragraph drop-downs are empty.
    (Ref – 3403
  12. Could not create a project at locations other than the “Documents” folder.
    (Ref – 3521
  13. The “Project already exists” error appears on creating a project in an empty folder.
    (Ref – 3414)
  14. Unable to create Team Foundation Server connection on French, German, and Japanese OS.
    (Ref – 3075)
  15. In the generated output, there’s no space between a glossary term and definition.
    (Ref – 3373)
  16. Inter-topic links are not working in EPUB output.
    (Ref – 3442)
  17. Extra numbers are added to the URL in the TOC of the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 1192
  18. Output generation fails if a merged project is present in the Table of Contents.
    (Ref – 3396)
  19. Email link is broken in the generated HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3426

Fixed issues in RoboHelp Classic (2019 release)

  1. Linking FrameMaker 2019 files to RoboHelp Classic 2019 launches FrameMaker 2017.
    (Ref – 3356)
  2. Extra numbers are added to the URL in the TOC of the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 1192)
  3. Spell check is not working.
    (Ref – 3541)

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