RoboHelp 2019 Update 7 Released

Adobe released an update to RoboHelp 2019 today.

You can access this free update either by using the Help > Updates command in RoboHelp or by visiting

Here’s what’s been added and fixed:

Feature enhancements

Generate output in command-line mode

Like RoboHelp Classic, you can now invoke RoboHelp 2019 as a command-line utility for output generation without launching the GUI. For example:

Robohelp.exe –cl “C:\Latte.rhpj” -o “My Responsive Output” 
-l “C:\logfile.html” -p “C:\outputfolder”

Argument values containing spaces must be enclosed in double quotes.

For more information, see Generate output using a command-line utility.

Rename glossary terms and variables

You can now edit glossary terms and variable names. RoboHelp simultaneously updates all references of these items wherever applicable in a project, such as topic titles and content, Table of Contents, and output presets.

Fixed Issues

  1. On generating HTML5 output, RoboHelp user interface becomes blank if the TOC includes a DOCX file. 
    (Ref – 4562)
  2. When the Hide in output option is selected for baggage files in TOC, those files are not generated in the output.
    (Ref – 4561)
  3. Glossary terms inserted in a topic do not work in Microsoft HTML output.
    (Ref – 4560)
  4. Removing a glossary term in a topic removes the text also.
    (Ref – 4559)
  5. A glossary term created from a topic does not show in the Glossary panel and is broken in the output.
    (Ref – 4558)
  6. While using Find and Replace in a topic, the next searched result is replaced rather than the current highlighted result.
    (Ref – 4551)
  7. Word Import: Paragraph/Heading styles with auto-numbering do not appear for style mapping and get converted to list styles.
    (Ref – 4465)
  8. Glossary pop-up does not open near a glossary term when clicked.
    (Ref – 4453)
  9. If two consecutive elements are excluded from the output, only one is getting excluded in output with condition expressions.
    (Ref – 4448)
  10. Import of large Word files freezes RoboHelp if it is split into topics at any style.
    (Ref – 4446)
  11. Lists from Classic projects do not upgrade properly if there is a block element like h1 in between.
    (Ref – 4445)
  12. Predictive search shows a space instead of characters like “ä”.
    (Ref – 4434)
  13. No visual representation of condition tags in the Contents panel when multiple tags are applied.
    (Ref – 4407)
  14. RoboHelp shows the Save prompt if an open topic without any changes is closed.
    (Ref – 4404)
  15. Clicking triple dots against a TOC item does not show the context menu.
    (Ref – 4399)
  16. Application error appears on clicking Properties in TOC.
    (Ref – 4398)
  17. Removal of condition tags on selected text inside a paragraph shows application error.
    (Ref – 4394)
  18. RoboHelp removes hyperlinks when editing files with many hyperlinks.
    (Ref – 4388)
  19. Selecting a list and removing the list style does not work.
    (Ref – 4393)
  20. When adding a bookmark to a TOC, RoboHelp shows a missing TOC link message.
    (Ref – 4364)
  21. CHM: Search tab does not appear in the default window and it appears empty if a window (with Search on) is applied.
    (Ref – 4355)
  22. Problem in getting out of a particular list level.
    (Ref – 4305)
  23. Issues with drag/drop placeholder in the Table Of Contents panel.
    (Ref – 4304)
  24. Problem with spellchecker and French text with accents.
    (Ref – 4298)
  25. No visual representation in the Snippets panel if a snippet-level condition tag is applied.
    (Ref – 4271)
  26. Selecting text and inserting an internal hyperlink does not work.
    (Ref – 4247)
  27. Color changes made to Sidebar (Indigo layout) are not applied.
    (Ref – 4197)
  28. If the value of a variable is changed, it does not reflect in an open topic until the topic is reopened.
    (Ref – 4006)
  29. When a topic name and a topic/project title are edited, the updated Field values are not shown in an open topic.
    (Ref – 3833)

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