RoboHelp 2020 Update 3 now available

The following is a list of feature enhancements and issues resolved in RoboHelp and subsequent patch releases.

Check the RoboHelp forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

RoboHelp Update 3 – December 01, 2020

Fixed Issues


  1. RoboHelp crashes on start under macOS Big Sur. (Ref – 8361)


  1. When using the CSS editor, changes to table cell settings like border style, padding, alignment etc. are not getting saved. (Ref – 8325)

Source control

  1. RoboHelp reverts to the Master branch upon program launch is fixed for Git/ GitHub source control options.(Ref – 8353)


  1. Links to bookmarks on the same page in PDF do not work. (Ref – 8346)
  2. Inline CSS background images are not visible in PDF output due to issue with paths. (Ref – 8344)
  3. If any term is searched within a long string in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs, the text in the summary is not wrapped. (Ref – 8340)
  4. Selecting the “Use lowercase file names” option in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs removes breadcrumbs from the search results. (Ref – 8345)
  5. Change in project language from Project settings is not getting applied to Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs. (Ref – 8333)
  6. YouTube URL is not showing up in the Microcontent JSON output. (Ref – 8326)
  7. When linking an external file directly in TOC as a baggage file, the file is not copied in the output. (Ref – 8321)
  8. Search results for a long string in a topic get truncated in the search results window. (Ref – 8288)


  1. Force sync does not update the file content in the child project. (Ref – 8338)


  1. If in a topic some tag has style attribute having multiple props then missing semicolon (;) leads to that topic missing in the output. (Ref – 8330)

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