Online courses are live

It’s been a very busy month at Tech Comm Tools!

I gave an Adobe Presenter demo for the Adobe eLearning Group of the Carolinas on 6/18 (access recording here), hopped a plane for the 2015 STC Summit on 6/20, and then gave three sessions at the conference on 6/21, 6/22/ and 6/23! Adobe also asked me to do around 8 booth presentations during that same time!

As if that wasn’t enough, I also went “live” the other day with my online courseware, available at Here’s what the current offerings look like.

There are free Intro versions, which I encourage you to check out, as well as Basic and Pro versions. The Basic and Pro versions are more in depth than the classic 2-day software training class, and they are spread out over a longer term (online university-style) to allow for projects and more detailed coverage of topics. Best of all, they are lower cost than my typical 2-day classes, reflecting my ability to get more students in class and increase the overall revenue.

I hope you like the courses, and please let me know what you’d like to see next. I’ll be keeping an informal list of courses to develop, and will go mainly from requests/commitments from my audience.

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