My Fm secret weapon: FindChangeFormatsBatch

FrameMaker does an amazing array of things. In particular, its ability to store formats in document catalogs can be both powerful and overwhelming when you have many documents to manage.

One way that I keep my own work straight, and how I help clients get control of their own work, is by using the FindChangeFormatsBatch script from my pal, Rick Quatro.

After dropping the FCFB ExtendScript into your FrameMaker startup folder, you get a series of additional options under the format menu.

Curious about FindChangeFormatsBatch?
Complete the form below and I’ll send you the full FCFB s/w manual. At 5 pages, it’s a quick read and gives you a sense of FCFB’s power and ease of use.

I also have the TextFormatter and TemplateTools scripts installed in this screenshot. I’ll post info on these two tools in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Rick contributes an ExtendScript chapter to my FrameMaker reference books, and I’m an affiliate for the great scripts that he creates.¬†

With FindChangeFormatsBatch I can manage naming conventions, switch from one template to another, and just generally manage my large projects more easily.

The script is normally $49, and every person who has bought it on my recommendation tells me that it pays for itself on the first day of use.

The script works on both books and individual files and lets you manage 10 different catalogs (see the image below for details). When you run the command, you are prompted to identify the doc with the formats table. Then the conversion takes place and completes in just a few seconds.

Find out more about FindChangeFormatsBatch

ADMIN NOTE: As of Sept 29, 2021, Rick’s online storefront is down. I’ll be following up on this asap, and will post a new link if needed.

Click here to open the FindChangeFormatsBatch product page. This is an affiliate link.

Learn more about FindChangeFormats Batch

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