High DPI settings for Windows

Not all apps behave the same with regard to resolution settings in Windows. For example, I saw a sizing issue in Adobe FrameMaker 2020 recently, after I’d adjusted my monitor to resolve a “fuzziness” issue.

In all fairness, the fuzziness issue had more to do with Windows running on VMware Fusion, and the fact that I resize my window quite often. I’ll get back to that factoid in a bit…

How to get to the High DPI Settings

The easiest way I’ve found to access the required dialog is to right-click on the application icon, whether it is in the taskbar, on the desktop or other location.

Once in the dialog, use the Compatibility tab to access the Change high DPI settings button. Because I am often changing the size of my VM window and also moving between multiple monitors and resolutions, I’ve found that using the Program DPI setting, coupled with the Windows resolution setting at the time I open FrameMaker (as shown below) gives me a clear view in FrameMaker, allows full use of my 4K monitor if needed, and prevents text from expanding outside of dialogs.

Manage CSS not visible in Publish Settings dialog

This section is primarily for those looking to solve the same issue I was facing, and is the driver for this post.

When setting my High DPI settings to address a different issue, I was left with at least one Fm dialog whose content expanded beyond the dimensions of the box. In the image below, the Manage CSS option in the lower left corner is mostly obscured. To resolve this, try using the settings described above. If they don’t work, share details with me and I’ll update this post accordingly.

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  1. Rhea Douville on December 7, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    You helped us convert to DITA when we were using Frame 11. Now I have a new computer and upgrade to Frame 2020 and all our images are blown. I cannot reimport because there is some system override that knocks my settings out every time I save > close > reopen. I also do not have the Change High DPI Settings option on my Properties dialog box. Our “team” is just down to me now, and I don’t know what to do. We are going to have to deliver guides without images, or images too small to read. Adobe has not provided much hope. Can you tell me if you are available for consult and how much that would be? Thanks so much,
    Rhea Douville
    EXL Healthcare, Sr. Technical Writer

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