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Students in my FrameMaker courses know that my favorite FrameMaker ExtendScript is Rick Quatro’s FindChangeFormatsBatch. But Rick has a few other great scripts, and since I had some Template course students asking about them this week, I figured I’d share descriptions and links for all of them in one place.

Each script name is an affiliate link to Rick’s online store.


It helps me convert legacy content by swapping existing styles for ones in my own template. It also is great for renaming and cleaning out the styles in my own templates. Here’s a post I wrote up on this tool.


FrameMaker’s native format import function lumps a number of things into the Document Properties option. This script provides a dialog that breaks those

File > Import > Formats (standard)

File > Import > Formats > Import Formats Special


This one is another really valuable conversion tool. When converting MS Word files, or working with unwieldy FrameMaker tables, this script turns some really labor-intensive tasks into easy clicks.


TemplateTools is a revolutionary script that allows you to add and update paragraph formats using FrameMaker’s formatting toolbars. Quick add and edit paragraph formats visually without being constrained to the Paragraph Designer.


TextFormatter is a powerful script that allows you to apply Character Formats to text in batches! You fill in a FrameMaker table with the words or phrases you want to search for and the Character Format that you want to apply to each one. The script flies through your document or book and applies the Character Format to each occurrence. There are options for case-sensitive and whole word searches and you can specify paragraph formats that you want to skip. This script is a huge time saver!

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