FrameMaker 2020 Update 4 now available

Most notably, Update 4 includes support for the recently released Windows 11. Other significant fixes relate to HTML5 and PDF output.

Users of previous versions (16.0.3 and below) may still have success with Windows 11, but this latest release is certified to work in the Win 11 environment.

Here is Adobe’s description of the update:

FrameMaker Update 4 – February 2, 2022


Starting with Update 4, Adobe FrameMaker 2020 is tested and certified on the latest Windows 11 operating system. All functionalities of FrameMaker Update 4 will work seamlessly with Windows 11 and Windows 10 as well. Update 3 and earlier releases of FrameMaker 2020 release will continue to work on Windows 10.

Update 4 of FrameMaker Summer 2020 release has many improvements like support to author content using the UUID-based file referencing system, adding labels during the check-in process, and providing FDK as a downloadable ZIP file. 

For more information, see What’s new in Update 4 of FrameMaker.

Fixed Issues

  • Mapping an output style to an auto-numbering paragraph style (in a settings file) does not render the auto-number list correctly in HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 10940)
  • Hypertext markers do not appear correctly on publishing Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 10867)
  • The language of the first paragraph changes from Deutsch 2006 to Deutsch 1901 on hitting the Enter key in a FrameMaker document within the German build.
    (Ref – 11009)
  • Original Image names with Unicode characters are not retained, instead generated names are inconsistent in the output asset folder when Responsive HTML5 output is generated.
    (Ref – 10725)
  • Position of anchored frames is modified when a book is updated to generate TOC or indexes. 
    (Ref – 10816)
  • In some cases, unwanted line breaks are found after each paragraph in Responsive HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 10744)
  • Language tag, when defined in paragraph style, is not retained while generating the PDF output.
    (Ref – 10676)
  • Original filename is not retained for a map file with .h extension when the Responsive HTML5 or the Microsoft HTML Help output is generated.
    (Ref – 10551)
  • The file size of the output is huge for a PDF containing SVG images and text, and having opacity set to 0.
    (Ref – 6591)
  • Scaled SVG images degrade and appear blurred in the PDF output.
    (Ref – 10090)

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