FrameMaker 2019 Update 4 now available

Adobe released FrameMaker 2019 Update 4 today. Use the Help > Updates menu item in FrameMaker 2019 to update, or visit to download the updater manually.

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Feature enhancements

Automatically check out files on saving or opening in AEM

A new option to automatically check out files on opening or saving has been introduced in AEM connector preferences. In the Preferences dialog, access CMS > Adobe Experience Manager settings.  

Adobe Experience Manager settings in the Preferences dialog

To enable the auto-file check out feature, select the Enable Auto-Checkout option. Along with this option, you can choose whether you want to check-out file when they are opened or saved. After making a selection for the file checkout option, you can then choose the option to show a prompt.
If you are using a combination of check-out file on open with show prompt, then you see a prompt on opening a file from the  AEM repository. If you choose to check-out the file, you get an exclusive lock on the file and you can edit the file. If you choose not to check-out the file, then the file is opened in read-only mode.
If you are using a combination of check-out file on save with show prompt, then you see a prompt to check-out the file on save. If the file is not checked out and you try to save the file, then you are prompted if you want to check-out the file. If you choose not to check-out file, then the updates are not saved.
You can also choose a combination of file check-out on open and save with show prompt to get all above functionalities.

Added a new flag to control image scaling in table cell

Earlier when you inserted an image in a table cell, the image was scaled down to fit into the cell. The auto-scaling behavior can now be controlled by adding a flag in the maker.ini file. To retain auto-scaling of an image in a cell, add the following flag in the Preferences section of the maker.ini file:

By default, this flag is not available in the maker.ini file and its value is set to false. This implies that when you insert an image in a table cell, it is inserted in the original size. If you add this flag and set it to On, then the image scales down to fit into the table cell.

Fixed Issues

  1. Even if a PDF is generated with bookmarks, the Bookmarks panel in Acrobat is not displayed by default.
    (Ref – 6044)
  2. In some cases, the transparency is not supported for .png image files in the PDF output generated through the distiller route.
    (Ref – 6595)
  3. In some cases, a black border is added for .png image files in the PDF output generated through the distiller route.
    (Ref – 6453)
  4. The DOCTYPE definition for Basic HTML output is not valid.
    (Ref – 6508)
  5. While working with dates in Japanese documents, FrameMaker uses incorrect era.
    (Ref – 6686)
  6. The original height and width property for images are not retained in the final output even if the required configuraitons are made in the Publish settings.
    (Ref – 6668)
  7. The Projects list on the Welcome Screen does not show recently opened projects.
    (Ref – 6473)
  8. In some cases, the custom color definitions do not show correctly in the Custom Ruling and Shading pod.
    (Ref – 6036)
  9. Changing the Tab Stops on a specific paragraph applies the change on all paragraphs using the same style.
    (Ref – 5242)
  10. For a set of files, performance issues were noticed when the .dita files were converted into .fm in invisible mode through an ExtendScript.
    (Ref – 6299)
  11. Some performance issues noticed while working with SharePoint connector.
    (Ref – 5632)
  12. In a highly structured document, the breadcrumb does not show the complete path of the current element.
    (Ref – 5842)
  13. When the Element Boundaries (as Tags) view is on, an extra space is noticed in the element tag following the parentheses  symbol “(“.
    (Ref – 6731)
  14. When working with AEM connector and trying to upload files, FrameMaker fails to parse any xref containing mailto in the href attribute.
    (Ref – 6236)
  15. Text truncation issues noticed in some dialogs in the localized versions.
    (Ref – 660765846129)
  16. Some strings in the Custom Ruling and Shading pod are not translated correctly in the localized versions.
    (Ref – 5593)
  17. The Rectangle tool is misspelled in the Graphics Toolbar.
    (Ref – 6457)
  18. The string “German – Austria” in the Dictionary preferences is incorrect.
    (Ref – 5913)
  19. The string “Cross-Reference” has been incorrectly referred to as “Cross Reference” in some pods.
    (Ref – 5875)
  20. In the Import Screen Layout dialog, the File type drop-down list contains a minor typo.
    (Ref – 5215)

Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker:

The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:

  1.  Random crashes noticed on editing the publish settings (.sts) file.
    (Ref – 6669)
  2. In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on double-clicking an item in the Elements Catalog.
    (Ref – 6665)
  3. When working with SharePoint, opening a file using the Browse Local feature results in a crash.
    (Ref – 6642)
  4. Random crashes noticed on inserting an <indexterm> element in a DITA document.
    (Ref – 6603)
  5. FrameMaker crashes when Open Containing Folder command is performed on a newly created DITA map or bookmap file.
    (Ref – 6533)
  6. Random crashes noticed on changing the columns in a text frame on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref – 6125)
  7. When Xalan post-processing is configured on some specific files, FrameMaker crashes on opening such files.
    (Ref – 5939)

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