FrameMaker 2019 Update 3 now available

Adobe released FrameMaker 2019 Update 3 today. Use the Help > Updates menu item in FrameMaker 2019 to update, or visit to download the updater manually.

Interested in FrameMaker 2019 training?

See TRAINING in the menu above for a free Introduction to FrameMaker 2019 course, as well as courses in advanced authoring and template design for both structured and unstructured (standard) FrameMaker. All versions supported.

Fixed Issues

  • Using the Save As PDF route to generate PDF for a document containing some specific fonts for East Asian languages do not render correctly.
    (Ref – 6002)
  • Hyphenated words in Arabic language do render correctly in the PDF output.
    (Ref – 5374)
  • In some cases, when a document containing Helvetica font with Oblique Angle is saved as PDF, junk characters are found in the published PDF.
    (Ref – 5977)
  • FrameMaker does not generate a valid PDF for documents containing some specific Type 1 fonts.
    (Ref – 5748)
  • In the PDF output, the Grid lines do no render correctly.
    (Ref – 5879)
  • Scaling image using the Fit Frame (Proportionally) option does not retain the scaling properties for EPS and SVG files.
    (Ref – 601760715959)
  • Random image pixelation issues noticed in Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 5820)
  • .png file imported into a document does not show in the Authoring mode, but renders correctly in the PDF output.
    (Ref – 5929)
  • In the PDF output, the math equations created using CoolType fonts do no render correctly.
    (Ref – 5027)
  • Drawing vertical lines using the ExtendScript is not possible.
    (Ref – 5819)
  • The Convert Text and Graphic Colors to RGB (Excluding Images)option (label) in the PDF General settings dialog gets cropped on a high-resolution monitor.  
    (Ref – 5767)
  • Text truncation issues were noticed in some dialogs in localized versions.
    (Ref – 56155285,  60145883)
  • Adding a document to the Pinned documents list does not work as expected.
    (Ref – 60225217)
  • The variable Name label is missing from the Add/Edit Variable pod.
    (Ref – 5571)

Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker:

The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:

  • In some cases, changing properties in the Object Properties dialog causes FrameMaker to freeze.
    (Ref – 60305999)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on changing variable values using the Variables pod.
    (Ref – 58695962)
  • FrameMaker crashes while importing a .sts file in the Word Importdialog.
    (Ref – 60055951)
  • Importing a Word document containing nested tables results in a crash.
    (Ref – 5344)
  • FrameMaker crashes on copying tables with colored content from a PDF into a FrameMaker document.
    (Ref – 5634)
  • Random crashes noticed when saving FrameMaker 11 version files to FrameMaker 2019 version.
    (Ref – 59485935)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on inserting a new reference element like topicref or mapref from the Elements Catalog.
    (Ref – 5637)
  • Closing a book file using the keyboard shortcut keys (Ctrl+F4) or switching between tabbed  document window (Ctrl+Arrow key) causes FrameMaker to freeze.
    (Ref – 58876006)

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