FrameMaker 2017 update released (14.0.4)

FYI, if you haven’t updated your FrameMaker install in a while, Adobe released the update on March 15, 2018.

Here are the details per their post at

Resolved issues

  1. When using FrameMaker’s CMS connector to access Adobe Experience Manager repository that hosts Adobe XML Documentation Add-on, the file check-out and check-in features do not work.
    (Ref – 3840)
  2. When the DITA map is saved as Book 2017 with Fm Components and in the published book file if you open the Style Mapping pod, then all cross-references and the published document’s structure is lost.
    (Ref – 38533612)
  3. When conditions are applied on list items, blank bullets are published (in responsive HTML5) for the conditions that are hidden or excluded from the output.
    (Ref – 3621)
  4. Applying character formatting on cross-references results in content loss or broken references in the published output.
    (Ref – 3755)

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