FrameMaker 2017 NEW FEATURE: Support for High Resolution Displays (4K)

Got a super high-res monitor? With FrameMaker 2017, you can now make use of every last pixel. Check out this video I created for Adobe to find out how.

Script from the video

The latest 2017 release of Adobe FrameMaker has a new user interface with crisp icons and a richer contrast ratio. Where possible, we redesigned icons to be more inline with other Adobe applications.

In earlier versions, when you launched FrameMaker on a high-resolution display, the user interface might render uncomfortably small . Now FrameMaker is compatible with high-resolution screens all the way up to the 4k standard of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

When needed, menus and pods can extend to the full height of these massive monitors.

Icons have also been redesigned in multiple sizes, And everything in Framemaker’s  interface now responds to changes your Windows Display preferences

Now…to adjust the size of icons and the user interface, simply go back to your display settings and adjust to your preference. This gives you full control over the balance between screen real estate and legibility.

Of course, 4k support is difficult to demonstrate in a video that’s 1920×1080, but if you’ve got a 4k  monitor, you’ll immediately appreciate the foresight that we’ve put into this feature!

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