FrameMaker 2020 Update 2 now available

Adobe has released the second update to FrameMaker 2020, also known as FrameMaker 16.0.

The official build is

If you are using FrameMaker 16.0.0 or 16.0.1 you should be able to use the Help > Updates option in FrameMaker to download the latest build.

If you are part of the prerelease for 16.0.2, you may need to uninstall and download the 30-day trial for FrameMaker, which as of 7 June 2021, is

I’m happy to update the details of this post as Adobe’s dev team gets back on their feet after the COVID shutdowns. Add comments below to let me know if anything is different from what is available on 7 June. As of today, you may find that the customary FrameMaker download page is temporarily unavailable, and that the final build is not posted on the prerelease site.

Please join me in wishing the FrameMaker team well as India recovers from perhaps the worst epidemic effects we have seen thus far.

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