FrameMaker Digital Book Sale!

To celebrate the release of FrameMaker 16 (Summer 2020 release) for the month of August I’m giving the Tech Comm Tools community 40% off of the new digital versions of my books.

To be clear, the FrameMaker 2020 Structured EDD workbook is already available (both print and digital), and the update to both the FrameMaker 2017 Working with Content and the FrameMaker 2019 Structured Authoring workbook are works in progress and will be available later this year.

If you order one or both of the two books in progress, you’ll get digital copies right now of the most recent version, and the corresponding digital copy of the title you order as soon as it’s available.

This is a great way to stock up and save on what have been the Amazon best-selling FrameMaker books since 2013.


Click on the link above to visit my
store and apply the code automatically.
You can also enter the code manually at checkout.
Either way, you’ll save 40% off digital versions of
my framemaker books through august 2020

In the latest version of my EDD workbook, I’ve reimagined and rewritten many of the exercises, and refreshed all the graphics and screen captures to reflect changes in the most recent release.

As usual, the digital copies are licensed individually, and are nonprinting.

What about the print copies?

I really wish I could offer this deal on print copies, but production costs and postage make it prohibitive. Additionally, with COVID slowdowns, my printer has advised me that print book orders have an expected turnaround of multiple weeks before they ship.

Ready to order?

Visit my online store before the end of the month to save 40% on digital versions of all three of these books.

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