7 Steps to Effective Screencasts

Thanks to everyone in OCSTC for coming out to see my presentation on effective screencasting. I was honored to see a fairly large turnout.

Thanks also to Michael Opsteegh for suggesting the session for his Long Beach State tech writing students!

The session was lively, and I think I went about 25 minutes over my expected delivery because of so many questions. This mirrors the attendance and enthusiasm for my 6-week STC online tech comm video course, which just started, and which filled to capacity. If you’re interested in the next Effective Video session, please let me know and if you’re on my mailing list, I’ll make sure you get priority. 😉

Here’s an overview of the session, and it has two purposes:

  1. To give the high points of the presentation itself.
  2. To give concrete examples of what we discussed last night:
    • I created “bookend” videos using my DSLR and best quality video. I put the final video together using Telestream ScreenFlow (http://bit.ly/screenflow-info)
    • The overview itself was made using Adobe Presenter (http://bit.ly/adobe-offers), which streamed webcam, audio, and screencast for easier editing and branding.

Let me know what you think!

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