Edit FrameMaker 12 Responsive HTML5 Layouts

During my Adobe webinar last week, there was keen interest in editing the responsive layouts in FrameMaker 12. Though it sounds scary, it’s a breeze. Thanks to the new HTML5 skin editor (in both RoboHelp 11 and FrameMaker 12) editing things that adjust to screen width, is actually quite easy. No, I mean EASY! Really! If you still don’t believe me, check out this quick video that gives you the basics: As always, a big “thank you” to Adobe for sponsoring the 4-part series. I’ll have my blog post related to the webinar up in a few days. To view the webinar, see http://adobe.ly/1BL14dP. You’ll need an Adobe ID, but it only takes one minute to create one if you need to.

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