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What are your favorite book dimensions?

I’m getting ready to publish my Structured FrameMaker workbook, and would love hear your opinion on overall book size. What do you prefer… large thin books, or short thick books? I’ll post the results in a few weeks, and if you include your email below I will email you the results directly.

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Tackle tedious text tasks with timesaving techniques

The next time you get cross-eyed with repetitive text processing, do a little research into RegEx. RegEx, or regular expressions, is a syntax for describing text patterns. By describing text patterns, you can expand what Find/Change can do for you. RegEx is available in many applications, including FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and Dreamweaver. Last week I was working with…

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FrameMaker 2015 Update 1 released

Adobe released FrameMaker 2015 Update 1 on August 26, 2015. FrameMaker 2015 users should take advantage of additional features and functionality covered in this post by downloading it using the Help > Updates option within FrameMaker. Of course, there are also minor bug fixes in the release as well. I’ve also added this patch to material in…

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