Guarantee Awesome Video By Choosing the Right Topic


Awesome video isn’t tough to create, and it doesn’t even have to involve a camera. Join me for a free 1-hour webinar to discover how choosing the right topic will help you create awesome video content. The first of three sessions will be on January 27, 10:30 am Pacific

I’ll be presenting Guarantee Awesome Video By Choosing the Right Topic on different days with different times. Please register for the session that works best for you:

Want to know the secret to creating truly awesome video? It’s choosing the right topic. Picking the wrong topic can lead you down the rabbit hole, chasing after your original goal with different scripts, tones, and technologies.

But pick the right topic, and every choice you make will be clearly marked.

Let me show you how to analyze your content to create with videos that inform, inspire, and engage.

See how I work with my clients’ content and with my own content to come up with logical topics that provide the best possible return.


I’ll also be discussing my upcoming online course,  Create Awesome Video Content info. But whether or not you’re looking for a great way to get started producing your own videos, make sure you don’t miss the webinar. I’ll get you thinking about your content in a different way, and give you a great launching point into producing your own awesome content.



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