Resolving Adobe Installer Issues for Windows

Just a quick outline of the steps I take when Adobe installers won’t work.

Got a favorite tip not covered here? Please add to the comments below and I’ll update the list.

Run installer from a local drive

This is first on the list because it may be the only thing that keeps you from your new, shiny version of your application. I’ve found that even when installing from the same solid state drive that holds my virtual machine (VM), my install can fail. Moving the installer to the C: before installation has corrected the problem on more than one occasion. corrects the issue.

Use Windows Uninstall options

Try both Add or Remove Programs and Uninstall or change a program to properly remove files and related entries in registries.

Use Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

Be forewarned, this is not a fancy utility. It’s basically a command line interface that give you lots of ominous-sounding choices.

In a nutshell, it removes installer files, which hopefully allow you to complete your new installation. It’s especially helpful when participating in Adobe beta programs.

Remove directories manually from Programs

This is far and away my last resort, and one I use only after performing all of the steps above, and restarting my PC.

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