Video Newsletter vol 2

Hi all, I hope your week was as fun as mine!

I got to pop into the LavaCon conference in Portland on Monday to catch up with some of my favorite tech comm folks. (and actually met quite a few of you face-to-face while I was there)

Here’s my latest video newsletter, and show notes below to let you know what’s inside. Oh, and sorry for the typo at about 2:30!

How do you like the format? Easy to follow both the notes and the “chalkboard”?

Click below to play the video

Show notes

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:07 The format of the day is: Green Screen (Chroma Key) with chalkboard background
  • 0:18 These notes will help you follow the subjects in the video
  • 0:23 Show notes will include timecodes to make video navigation easier
  • 0:39 A big thanks to the Adobe TCS team for supporting the Tech Comm Tools newsletter!!!!
  • 0:55 Observations from this week’sLavaCon conference in Portland
  • 1:13 Look for general S1000D and FrameMaker S1000D courses in Q2 2018
  • 1:27 S1000D is an aviation and defense standard for structured documentation
  • 1:43 If you’re looking to implement S1000D in 2018, please let me know!
  • 2:04 Localization(translation) vendors have large marketing budgets! (and great giveaways!)
  • 2:29 Duh, I need to tell more localization companies about my FrameMaker and RoboHelp services!
  • 2:48 If you are doing localization (translation) please let me know
  • 3:07 Thanks again to Adobe for sponsoring my book signing at LavaCon
  • 3:41 A last-minute¬†FrameMaker – Working with Content¬†course starts on Nov 14
  • 4:09 Nov 14 is the meet & greet, but registrations accepted through Nov 17th
  • 4:44 Thanks for being here! How am I doing, what would make this more valuable to you?!

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