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Getting the TOC you want from FrameMaker for RoboHelp Output

Already have a TOC in RoboHelp, and just looking for the new troubleshooting tip I discovered? Then read the spoiler alert that follows. Spoiler Alert While I’ve written on using FrameMaker TOCs for linked RoboHelp projects before, I recently came across a client project where the TOC was behaving badly. The source of the behavior…

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Fixing hyphenated headings in TCS output

I had a client recently who needed printed headings to hyphenate, but then had to remove those hyphens from his WebHelp output. The reason the hyphens were a problem: RoboHelp kept the hyphens in the middle of words that didn’t break across lines! The solution? Similar to other blog posts of mine…define a Framemaker conversion…

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