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SOLVED: Microphone volume not staying put

A while back I was having trouble getting my audio input level to remain constant. It turns out that the problem was with Skype. Background I do video interviews via Skype and other services on my MacBook Pro. Since interviews contain multiple audio sources, if my audio input doesn’t stay constant, it creates a big…

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Recording audio for screencast demonstrations

If you want more professional results, record audio independently of screen actions. Here are two quick videos of the same content. Neither took long to produce, and I’ve listed the pros and cons of each approach after each video. Simultaneous audio and screen recording Benefits: Recordings can be rapidly produced, don’t generally benefit from post…

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Remove hiss in audio recordings

Got great equipment? Tried everything, but still have hiss in your Mac OS recordings? Check this out! Background I recently bought “the stuff” that pro podcasters use with an eye toward creating the Tech Comm Tools podcast. I got: A high-end Heil PR40 microphone An equally high-end Mackie 1402VLZ4 mixer A boom stand with suspension mount A pop…

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