Screencasting Master Class ($997)

Learn how to identify the best content for screencast production, properly scope the goals of the video, and rapidly create a professional screencast video.

You'll learn the techniques I've used to produce over 50 new feature and integration videos for Adobe Systems.

These are the same techniques I use to produce videos for corporate clients and course videos for Tech Comm Tools.

This course has no specific prerequisites, but a fast computer and decent computer headset or microphone are recommended. All necessary software can be downloaded as trials for the course.

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I've been teaching software for over 20 years, and have spent the last 10 years teaching online. I've written reference books for 3 separate versions of Adobe FrameMaker as well as written courseware for 2 different structured FrameMaker courses. I've also created more video on Technical Communication Suite products than anyone else out there, including Adobe's own team!

This course is the result of lessons learned from video development for my courses, for Adobe, and for my private clients from the last 5 years.

Course description

You'll learn a complete workflow, from concept and storyboard, to audio and editing, through to publishing and embedding final output.

What's the class format?

This workshop is a six week online course. Each week there are two 1-hour online meetings, and other course material and assignments via our Moodle learning management system. You can expect 2-3 hours outside of class sessions to work through material and practice techniques.

Live interaction with online class and support sessions. There is a live session each week for assignment review and office hours.


You'll work on exercises and work-oriented projects that could never fit into a two or three day live class format.


Core concepts are provided as video lessons so that you can catch up on missed work or review as needed.

We maintain a private Facebook group for questions and discussions with your instructor and fellow attendees.

Course Content

WEEK 1 | Planning content and setting up your workstation

If you're not following an efficient plan, video projects can take up to 4 hours production time per minute of video! In this module you'll get introduced to the techniques I've used to drive production time for professional videos down to 1-2 hours production per minute of video. This week you'll plan your first video using this technique to see how the process itself keeps videos short and concise.

WEEK 2 | Recording audio and video

Regardless of the software used for screen recording, there are some basic tips that can save you lots of time on the back end. This week you'll be recording the script you developed in Week 1.

WEEK 3 | Editing

No video recording is ever perfect, but with a little knowledge, every video recording can be easily edited for length and clarity. You'll learn the basics of timeline management, trimming, and transitions.

WEEK 4 | Intros, outros, extras

The little extras can make a big difference with your audience. This week you'll learn how to create quality branded assets that can set the tone for the content to follow. Intros, outros (the opposite of an intro), and lower thirds are all a part of this week's work.

WEEK 5 | Publishing

Now that you've got this content, where does it go? You'll investigate hosting and delivery options to give your audience the best possible experience with your video.

WEEK 6 | Final project

Now that you've got a handle on all the different pieces, it's time to put it all together. From script to delivery, you'll use the techniques from the first 5 weeks to produce a quality piece in under 2 hours per minute of video.

About your instructor

Matt Sullivan has been using FrameMaker since the early 90's. He has taught over one thousand FrameMaker authors and template designers to leverage the strength of the program and reduce time spent performing formatting and "desktop publishing" tasks. He is the author of the only FrameMaker reference books for FrameMaker 11 and FrameMaker 2015.

Matt spends his days developing online courses and running Tech Comm Tools, where he helps people with documentation workflows.

Matt holds Adobe training certifications for FrameMaker, Captivate, RoboHelp, Connect, and Presenter. He has also previously been certified in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and other applications.

Matt contracts with Adobe regularly to produce videos and deliver webinars. He also represents Adobe at various tech comm conferences throughout the year, including the STC Summit, LavaCon, and WritersUA.

Custom training and live training classes

All my courses can be delivered live (online or in person) and customized to fit your training needs.
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