FrameMaker 2017 update 2 available

FrameMaker 2017 users can use Help > Updates within FrameMaker 2017 to download and install the update.

The two items I’m happiest about:

  • #1, random increase of text size when selecting text
  • #4, status area not refreshing tag and other information properly

Here’s a complete list of the items addressed by the update, followed by the changes available in, both courtesy of Adobe:

Xerces version upgrade in FDK

The out-of-the-box version of Xerces was upgraded to 3.1 in Update 1. However, some APIs in FrameMaker used Xerces version 2.7. Now, with Update 2 all relevant APIs in FrameMaker have been upgraded to Xerces 3.1. If you are using any plug-in that depends on any other version of Xerces, then it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your plug-ins to use Xerces version 3.1.

Resolved issues (

  1. While working on a document in Authoring mode, if user selects any text, the size of text increases in some cases.
    (Ref – 2493)
  2. Random crash noticed when an element is searched using the Find/Change pod.
    (Ref – 2953)
  3. When creating a custom toolbar, if toolbar’s icon image is not found, no message is displayed on the Console window and no default icon is shown in the toolbar.
    (Ref – 2545)
  4. On leaving a .fm file open for a long time in unstructured mode, the status bar displays incorrect values for the page number, paragraph style, and other information.
    (Ref – 2520)
  5. FrameMaker crashes on closing an active document while Edit System Variable pod is open.
    (Ref – 2899)
  6. While generating PDF with CYMK color settings, bold formatting is noticed for random fonts.
    (Ref – 2868)
  7. File Save dialog appears even when there are no unsaved DITA documents in the current session.
    (Ref – 2941)
  8. FrameMaker crashes if a filename containing special characters (% and ^) is published.
    (Ref – 2927)
  9. For a particular case, FrameMaker crashes when a .ditamap file is saved as PDF.
    (Ref – 2896)
  10. For a particular set of files, FrameMaker crashes on scrolling through the files.
    (Ref – 2816)
  11. For a particular case, FrameMaker crashes when a .fm file created in FrameMaker 11 is opened.
    (Ref – 2803)
  12. Opening a MIF file created in FrameMaker 11 results in a crash.
    (Ref – 2477)
  13. Changing the tab stop values while multiple cells in a table are selected results in a crash.
    (Ref – 2884)
  14. For a particular set of files converted from FrameMaker 10 to FrameMaker (2017 release) format, FrameMaker crashes when the converted files are opened in FrameMaker (2017 release).
    (Ref – 2813)
  15. If files containing spaces in their name is published as Basic HTML, then the links to those files is broken in the published output.
    (Ref – 2903)
  16. Search in responsive HTML5 output does not work when the help is published onRoboHelp Server.
    (Ref – 2894)
  17. When generating responsive HTML5 output, image size/resolution is reduced.
    (Ref – 2405)
  18. Using publish settings from FrameMaker (2015 release) to generate responsive HTML5 output throws an error message on opening the index.html file.
    (Ref – 2297)
  19. When an output containing dynamic HTML (drop-down or expanding text) effect is created, the icons associated with the text expansion and collapse are not aligned properly.
    (Ref – 2810)
  20. For a particular set of files containing dynamic HTML effects, the TOC does not get generated as expected.
    (Ref – 2809)
  21. In some cases, Character Designer applies incorrect formatting on selected text.
    (Ref – 2861)
  22. When custom multi-code commands are added in the menus.cfg file, only the first code in the command gets executed.
    (Ref – 2808)
  23. The StyleTag property of a graphic object is not exposed in ExtendScript.
    (Ref – 1423)
  24. API client initialization error message is not technically complete.
    (Ref – 2804)
  25. Extra spaces seen in the alert message shown on opening an invalid application definition file.
    (Ref – 2694)
  26. Alert message shown for unsaved DITA documents is technically incorrect.
    (Ref – 2518)
  27. A typo noticed in the Alerts section of the Preferences dialog.
    (Ref – 2357)
  28. The result of xsl:message in Xalan is not shown on the Console window.
    (Ref – 2437)
  29. Add/Edit Variable pod does not render correctly on a high-resolution display device.
    (Ref – 2773)
  30. The Edit Cross-Reference Format dialog is not re-sizable.
    (Ref – 2528)
  31. Overlapping labels noticed in element tags when a document is viewed along with document boundaries (View > Element Boundaries (As Tags)).
    (Ref – 2956)
  32. A custom zoom level cannot be specified in the zoom drop-down list.
    (Ref – 2460)
  33. Random memory leak issue noticed while working on large-sized XML files.
    (Ref – 2772)
  34. Fail to upload mobile app on PhoneGap build server.
    (Ref – 2759)
  35. When using the Browse URL dialog to open a file, an error message is displayed. Similarly, an error message is displayed on saving a file.
    (Ref – 2745)
  36. When connected to a WebDAV server using the Browse URL dialog, the file and folder structure on the server is not displayed.
    (Ref – 2724)
  37. When connected to an AEM repository using the Connection Manager, if a version label is added to a checked-in file, the label information is not stored.
    (Ref – 1504)
  38. For a particular case, updating DITA references results in deletion of link text.
    (Ref – 2687)
  39. When using the key-based content reference (Insert Conref dialog), the Conref End Element drop-down list does not get refreshed.
    (Ref – 2686)
  40. In a particular case, inserting content through DITA > Insert Conref results in loss of table attributes information.
    (Ref- 2061)
  41. Inconsistent table header and footer strings noticed in Add Rows or Column dialog.
    (Ref – 2409)
  42. A table created in DITA 1.2 document allocates more width for first column in comparison to others.
    (Ref – 2225)

FrameMaker (2017 release) Update 1 – April 25, 2017

Resolved issues

  1. Graphics toolbar cannot be docked horizontally.
    (Ref – 1994)
  2. User interface issues noticed in the Graphics toolbar.
    (Ref – 2191, 1901, 2440, 2439)
  3. The paragraph tags cannot be renamed.
    (Ref – 2132, 2363)
  4. FrameMaker does not allow customization of the Welcome screen.
    (Ref – 1358)
  5. Adding or editing a variable is done through a modal dialog.
    (Ref – 2458)
  6. For a particular case, FrameMaker crashes when a .fm file saved in 2017 format is saved again in .fm 2015 format.
    (Ref – 2366)
  7. Conditionalized index entry does not hide when the content (containing the index entry) is hidden using filters in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 2367)
  8. Incorrect FrameMaker Object Model version number appears in ExtendScript Toolkit.
    (Ref – 2316)
  9. Some minor issues noticed in running 508 compliance check on responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 2274)
  10. In some cases, GDI leak is noticed on using the Set Color feature for any graphic object.
    (Ref – 2361)
  11. FrameMaker changes the display format of DITA cross-references from Formatted to Text.
    (Ref – 2537)
  12. When the Show Default Topic option in the Ocean layout is turned off, then no topic is displayed when a link is clicked from the TOC.
    (Ref – 294)
  13. In the Indigo layout, tooltip of the remove favorite button is not correctly worded.
    (Ref – 386)
  14. Conditional Tag menu option is not present in the Insert menu in unstructured mode.
    (Ref – 2252)
  15. Search is not triggered on pressing the Enter key in the Repository Manager pod.
    (Ref – 2343)
  16. Height of the Conditional Text pod cannot be reduced beyond a certain limit.
    (Ref – 2177)
  17. Double separator appears under the Graphics > Tools menu.
    (Ref – 2155)
  18. Cannot insert images of CGM format.
    (Ref – 2183)
  19. Redundant alert messages shown on removing structure from a document.
    (Ref – 2158)
  20. Animated GIF does not render correctly in HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 1877)
  21. The Show Element Context dialog is not resizable.
    (Ref – 2131)
  22. While working on extended monitors, the command search pop-up does not appear as expected.
    (Ref – 2510)
  23. In the paragraph and character designers, the Language selection drop-down displays the language names in their localized languages.
    (Ref – 2420)
  24. In some cases, redundant link tag entries found in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 2411)
  25. The File Open dialog does not list all supported file formats.
    (Ref – 2448)
  26. When Conditional Tags pod is aligned to the bottom of the screen, the last condition in the scrollable list is not displayed.
    (Ref – 2401)
  27. Unable to expand floating pods.
    (Ref – 1852)
  28. Missing scrollbar noticed when responsive HTML5 output generated using the Indigo layout is viewed in Safari (Sierra OS).
    (Ref – 2368)
  29. In some cases, FrameMaker’s user interface does not render correctly on high-resolution monitors where the scaling is set to 125% or 175%.
    (Ref – 2502)
  30. The Define Color Views dialog appears distorted on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref – 2364)
  31. The Equations editor does not scale appropriately on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref – 2370)
  32. Erroneous strings noticed in some localized user screens.
    (Ref – 1795)
  33. When a link of responsive HTML5 output is clicked from Google search results, the content is shown without layout.
    (Ref – 2546)
  34. In the Basic HTML output, no index.html file is generated for unstructured documents.
    (Ref – 239)
  35. Closing the advance search dialog in Repository Manager results in a crash.
    (Ref – 2233)
  36. Description for reordering master pages is not correctly mentioned in the Command Search result.
    (Ref – 1889)
  37. Saving a document in view only mode is missing.
    (Ref- 2427)
  38. MIF book parser fails to parse Unicode characters in file names.
    (Ref – 2514)
  39. When a .slz file of 2015 release is imported in FrameMaker 2017 release, and a responsive HTML5 output is generated from it, the output does not appear correctly.
    (Ref – 2566)
  40. Renaming a project location adds unwanted characters in the location name.
    (Ref – 2421)
  41. The Smart catalog does not list the description along with the element name.
    (Ref – 2334)
  42. User interface issues noticed in the Sort Table dialog.
    (Ref – 1087)
  43. While publishing a document, if a paragraph style is mapped to <img> HTML tag, FrameMaker crashes.
    (Ref – 2422)
  44. Xerces versions 2.5.0 and 2.7.0 installed in Adobe FrameMaker 2015 version 13.x with update 5 is out of date.
    (Ref – 2102)

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