51 reasons to update FrameMaker 2017 to version

Regular Tech Comm Tools folks know that I always recommend updating Adobe products with their patch releases. The easiest way to check for updates and to update your software is to use the Help > Updates menu in any of your Adobe applications.

As an Adobe Community Professional (forums.adobe.com) I often see issues resolved by simply updating to the latest point release of a product.

So, with that in mind, I immediately updated my copy of FrameMaker 2017 when the patch was released last week.

Below the video I’ve included a list of the items resolved by applying the patch. (my favorite fix: Lucky #13, Incomplete bookmarks in EPUB TOC, which is an issue I reported at adobe.com/go/wish)


FrameMaker (2017 release) Update 3 – November 21, 2017

Resolved issues

  1. An option to configure table width in colspan element is not available in the STS file.
    (Ref – 3276)
  2. Table sort function does not work as expected.
    (Ref – 3497)
  3. When a FrameMaker (2015 release) DITA document is opened in FrameMaker (2017 release), cross-reference text format changes from DITA Format to Text.
    (Ref – 3318)
  4. Track changes in DITA documents do not work as expected.
    (Ref – 3297)
  5. When working with a long DITA document containing a large number of cross-references, FrameMaker takes a long time to open the document and throws an error for the cross-references.
    (Ref – 2609)
  6. When adding a cross-reference to an image or a paragraph, cross-reference ID is displayed in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 2895)
  7. The display text of cross-references do not update automatically even when the file is re-opened.
    (Ref – 3335)
  8. When adding a topicgroup or topichead as sibling of a DITA map, FrameMaker crashes.
    (Ref – 3435)
  9. When publishing a set of files, an error Failed to Preprocess DITA Documents appears.
    (Ref –3385)
  10. The full-screen toggle button is missing from the video files in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3386)
  11. Formatting for some cross-reference entries is lost in PDF output.
    (Ref – 3491)
  12. For a set of files, the table of contents is generated with duplicate entries.
    (Ref – 3504)
  13. In EPUB and Kindle outputs, not all TOC entries are published and the hierarchy of the TOC is also incorrect.
    (Ref – 3171)
  14. Customizations such as changing header color or logo in the Azure_Blue layout is not applied in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3346)
  15. In a table containing conditional columns, the column marked to hide from the published output also gets published.
    (Ref – 3293)
  16. For a set of unstructured files, the table alignment is not correctly published in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3093)
  17. FrameMaker fails to publish responsive HTML5 output when the template files and the source files (to be published) are on different drives.
    (Ref – 2351)
  18. In some cases, redundant FM_STARTid tag appears in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3513)
  19. FrameMaker stops XSL transformation if it encounters an invalid XML file during pre- or post-processing tasks.
    (Ref – 3296)
  20. When DITA content is published as responsive HTML5, some of the cross-references are shown with topic ID instead of topic title.
    (Ref – 3319)
  21. Publishing responsive HTML5 with CSS Merge option turned on takes longer time to publish.
    (Ref – 3359)
  22. In responsive HTML5 output, incorrect image caption and extra-large border around images is found.
    (Ref – 3320)
  23. The related information links are missing when DITA content is published as responsive HTML5.
    (Ref – 3314)
  24. Image auto-fit in an anchored frame property for Adobe Illustrator images does not work.
    (Ref – 3489)
  25. Publishing responsive HTML5 output by specifying the files names with which the output needs to be created does not work as expected.
    (Ref – 3144)
  26. When publishing Basic HTML or responsive HTML5 output for content that uses system or user variables, some invalid tags are found in the output.
    (Ref – 2931)
  27. For a set of DITA files, the Browse Sequence option does not appear in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3508)
  28. For a set of files, a table containing straddled cells is not published correctly in the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3463)
  29. When using Indigo layout, the multi-level index entries are not aligned properly in responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 3194)
  30. For a set of DITA files, FrameMaker fails to publish PDF and responsive HTML5 outputs.
    (Ref – 3517)
  31. For a set of files, FrameMaker throws an error while running the responsive HTML5 output generation process.
    (Ref – 3534)
  32. At the time of publishing, random missing JRE error message is seen.
    (Ref – 3371)
  33. The responsive HTML5 Ocean layout is no longer available in the screen layout Gallery and is no longer supported.
    (Ref – 3288)
  34. Some icons on the Welcome screen do not respond when clicked. 
    (Ref – 3083)
  35. In the French version of FrameMaker, the Word import feature results in a crash or the feature does not work properly.
    (Ref – 3464)
  36. When connected to Adobe Experience Manager 6.3, performing an advance search returns an error.
    (Ref – 3450)
  37. FrameMaker crashes on selecting an option in Set Pen Pattern or Set Fill Pattern for a table.
    (Ref – 3068)
  38. Multiple issues found when properties in a Paragraph Designer are changed while keeping most of the properties to As Is.
    (Ref – 3372)
  39. In Structured FrameMaker mode, incorrect default file type is shown in the file Open and Save As dialogs.
    (Ref – 3349)
  40. Customizing the Welcome screen is not possible.
    (Ref – 3001)
  41. When browsing pages using the Go To Next Page or Go To Previous Page buttons in the status bar, the clicked button’s label gets copied onto the Clipboard.
    (Ref – 3365)
  42. When the Element Boundaries (As Tags) option is turned on, FrameMaker crashes on collapsing tags.
    (Ref – 3283)
  43. Assigning space to a variable result in an error.
    (Ref – 3460)
  44. If a document contains invalid context-sensitive markers, FrameMaker freezes.
    (Ref – 3347)
  45. While using SAXON parser, XSLT messages are not displayed in the Console pod.
    (Ref – 2983)
  46. While performing XSLT on XML/DITA documents, some information about tables is lost.
    (Ref – 3490)
  47. In FrameMaker Publishing Server, running a publishing task with files containing missing graphics fails with an error Fail to open document.
    (Ref – 3425)
  48. An attempt to upload a folder named Content with sub-folder named dam on Adobe Experience Manager results in failure.
    (Ref – 3409)
  49. For a set of files, the casing of TOC entries and files on the system is found to be out of sync.
    (Ref – 3520)
  50. In responsive HTML5 output generated from FrameMaker Publishing Server, backward slash is used in relative paths.
    (Ref – 3027)
  51. The information collection dialog, which appears on the first launch of FrameMaker, prevents FrameMaker Publishing Server to run a task.
    (Ref – 3268)

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