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Need something better than a 2 or 3 day class?
Check out these six week blended online courses.
20 years and 1,000 students in the making, it's been worth the wait.
- Introductory FrameMaker (unstructured content)
- FrameMaker Template Design Workshop
- Introductory Structured FrameMaker
- FrameMaker Structured Template Workshop

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This course adjusts to you

Just starting with FrameMaker? We've got plenty of material on the interface and the nuts and bolts of FrameMaker. But if you're looking for the deeper stuff, then we also have extra lessons, projects, and theory to keep you on your toes.

There's strength in community

You'll have lecture and troubleshooting sessions each week, and no matter when you think of a question, you'll be part of our private FaceBook group so that you stay connected with your coursemates and instructor.

Plenty of time to absorb

You don't need to worry about forgetting that one little nugget we covered in class. You've got weeks to absorb the lessons in class and apply them to your own work. Even the live sessions are recorded, so you can always review anything you miss.

Why is this the best FrameMaker training you can find?

I've been running FrameMaker training classes for twenty years, and I know that even one six-hour training day can overwhelm. Two or more consecutive days can push the envelope on student retention. But then, working through a library of videos is no walk in the park either. That's why I've created this true blended learning experience. In my course you'll attend live group sessions for some lectures, and watch engaging recorded versions of others. You'll have hands-on exercises, and sessions for evaluating your work. And most importantly, you'll work with your own content, and have interactive discussions with me and other students in our private Facebook group.

Comments from students and clients

When GPI looked for FrameMaker training for our internal staff, we looked to Matt Sullivan, author of FrameMaker - Creating and Publishing Content, who has been our “go-to” FrameMaker resource for a few years now.

We chose to attend Matt’s FrameMaker Creating and Editing Content course, mainly because it allowed our team access to the most in-depth content, without impacting our normal production schedule with full day classes.

Personally, as a new FrameMaker user, these tools and skills have been very valuable in doing desktop publishing especially in the localization field.

In fact, as a whole, our team got so much out of this first course, that we immediately signed up a group of us for his six-week FrameMaker Template Design workshop.

Kim Harris
Global Partners International (GPI)
Localization Industry

Marlon Brando photo, January 2000Dear Matt, I can't tell you how lucky I am to run across you. I was lost in cyber jungle, just about ready to check out, when just by chance I followed a hunch and got you on the phone. You were day for night.

Thanks very much for your expertise and kind patience. I'm sure all your other clients are going to benefit as much from your astonishing abilities as I have. 

If you ever get up in this neck of the woods, give me a toot and we'll talk some trash.

Most appreciatively yours,

-Marlon Brando
Actor, January 18, 2000

Matt's classes were thought-provoking and enjoyable. Now translate a two- or three-day crash course into an online format that can be easily reviewed as needed, and you can expect an incredibly effective learning experience!"

-Randall Bassin
Tech writer/Currency transactions industry

I needed to learn FrameMaker but I was lost in the sea of information and didn’t know where to begin until I saw Matt’s online courses.
In my first course, I was impressed with Matt’s depth of knowledge on using FrameMaker to make my job easier. That wasn't surprising...during one of his classes, Matt talked about how he works directly with Adobe’s developers!

Matt taught me about styles, tables, cross-references, graphics, media, text insets, variables and digital publishing.
He demonstrated the ultimate combination I like in an instructor:

  • someone who understands what I want to accomplish and the types of documents I produce
  • someone who knows the software
  • someone who sets reasonable learning goals and tasks to achieve in a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable price
  • someone who teaches in a friendly style.  

So, when Matt offered his second course (Template Design) I instantly signed up and again, I learned a lot about FrameMaker (e.g., . workflows, paragraph and character tags, body and master pages, tables, variables, cross-references and conditional text).

In the end, the daunting task of learning FrameMaker wasn’t daunting because I had Matt on my side.

Content author/Aerospace industry 

(FrameMaker) can be intimidating for anyone who isn’t familiar with how all the pieces of the FrameMaker puzzle fit and work together. If you’re among this group (as I was),  I strongly recommend that you look to Matt R. Sullivan as your guide! An accomplished subject matter expert and author/co-author of FrameMaker - Creating and Publishing Content and Publishing Fundamentals Unstructured FrameMaker 11, Matt’s experience as a FrameMaker implementation specialist and trainer goes back to FrameMaker 5.0, so he knows what to look for, and what to watch out for. As one of his students and a FrameMaker user since version 5.5, I have yet to encounter a single issue using FrameMaker that Matt didn’t know how to resolve - he knows FrameMaker software cold! I’m confident that Matt’s FrameMaker online courses can help lead students through the FrameMaker jungle like a roadmap to create the kind of quality technical documentation results that Adobe FrameMaker can help them achieve.

-Randall Bassin
Tech writer/Currency transactions industry

Matt Sullivan was an invaluable resource for our technical publications group when we first began using FrameMaker and RoboHelp to generate help files for our products. Matt was very knowledgeable about these software products and was able to get us up to speed with a couple of online training sessions! 

-Carole McCormick
Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance

Thank you very much for your helpful and generous conference call today – it provided me with an excellent reminder of why people look to you (and should) for your expertise on “All-Things-FrameMaker”

-Randall Bassin
Tech writer/Currency transactions industry

My team was fortunate enough to attend a two day FrameMaker class with Matt Sullivan. My team were the only attendees, so Matt was able to tailor the class to our needs. We achieved more in two days with Matt than we had in several months on our own!

The team loved this class so much, that when we added two new team members, I had to order two more copies of Matt's FrameMaker book.

Everyone is clamoring to take Matt’s FrameMaker Template workshop. No, the team are not gluttons for punishment, Matt is that good.

The current refrain when we deal with the template is, “Matt said…” 

We can’t wait to take another of Matt’s classes.

Cathie Yago
Technical Publications Manager
Scientific Games Gaming

Subject Line: Quality instruction

Matt has a rare talent as a teacher: An approachable style that focuses on the students' needs, regardless of their level of experience.

Delivered in an easy manner, but with depth of knowledge, Matt will elevate your understanding of FrameMaker.

As a working professional taking this course, I can attest to how Matt brought me forward in my career.

Thank you Matt,

Steve Wilson


I think FrameMaker is an amazing product. There's nothing else that manages all aspects of print, structured authoring, and online/mobile publishing.

While there's plenty to learn in FrameMaker, I've organized this course so that you have plenty of time to master the basics of writing and editing with FrameMaker before getting into the more robust parts of tables, numbering, electronic referencing, and book creation.

Why Tech Comm Tools?

I've been teaching FrameMaker for 20 years, which is why a number of training centers will actually call me to contract for onsite work.

I've also written the only reference books that cover FrameMaker 11 or later.

Finally, my presentation and knowledge of FrameMaker are strong enough that Adobe commissions me to produce screencast videos for FrameMaker. They also ask that I represent them at a number of conferences in the United States each year.

“If you're not working in a template-based workflow, you could be wasting half of your content creation effort”

― Matt Sullivan
Tech Comm Tools

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